Why Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate Certification is Worth Getting – The View of Examsnap Experts



The IT platform has witnessed rapid changes in recent years with the most notable one being the shift towards cloud computing. The cloud platform is frequently evolving as many organizations take advantage of its varied benefits. For example, it has become easier to manage a number of operations, conduct transactions online, as well as to develop apps or provide securing processes. The end result is a high demand for experienced IT professionals with cloud computing knowledge.


The Azure platform is big and complex thus Microsoft saw it important to update its certification programs to assume a more specific approach. The current role-based Microsoft certifications equip candidates with job-role-specific skills for guaranteed career growth. In doing so, candidates only acquire knowledge and skills that are relevant to their practice.

Here’s your updated guide to the Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate credential and why pursuing it is worth doing.

Certification Overview

Microsoft Azure Developers pride themselves on designing, building, testing, and maintaining cloud solutions such as applications and services. In addition, they also work in conjunction with other professionals such as cloud solution architects, cloud administrators, and cloud DBAs to implement these solutions. The Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate certification is well tailored to suit the future business needs and heighten your Azure development skills.


Why Certify?

Before choosing to gain this credential, you will want a guarantee that pursuing it is worth the investment. Right? With the IT platform so competitive, earning the role-based Microsoft certifications is more than just a way of remaining relevant in the industry. It sets you apart from your competitors when it comes to earning a job opportunity within the cloud computing sphere.

The demand for the certified Azure professionals is at an all-time high and it is projected that it will likely increase in the coming years. This is largely attributed to the plentiful benefits of cloud computing.

That aside, earning the Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate certification is a smart move for career growth. Nowadays, many employers and hiring managers appreciate working with certified individuals as their skills have been verified by the leading IT vendor, in our case – it’s Microsoft.

And you don’t need to look any further thanPayscale.com to see how Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate certification guarantee higher salaries. It has been revealed that certified professionals can earn a whopping $128,468 on a yearly basis.

In addition, note that Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate certification serves as a prerequisite to the credential of the higher level. Thus, you can upgrade your skills opting for Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification. Being a Senior DevOps Engineer you can earn over $141,000 per year.

Other additional benefits of attaining Microsoft Azure Developer Associate certification include remaining updated on the current industry trends, proving your commitment towards achieving your career goals, improving productivity at the workplace, and faster completion of projects among others.

Moreover, you’ll gain authority and respect from your colleagues, as you’ll easily give them a piece of advice. And you will be valued by the company’s authority, and be the first for job promotion as well as the pay hike.

With such varied benefits, perhaps it’s time to bring your certification goals into reality. But wait, a hurdle stands your way in the name of Exam AZ-203. So how best can you approach it?

Well, read on to find a few some of the best tips to help you overcome this hurdle and attain your certification like a pro. Here’s a summary of the Exam AZ-203.

Exam Description

The Microsoft AZ-203 exam, known as Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure is ideal for all candidates looking to attain the aforementioned Microsoft Azure Developer Associate certification. This exam is currently available in two languages: English and Japanese.

It validates your knowledge and ability to perform a variety of technical tasks including developing Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) compute solutions, developing for Azure storage, providing Azure security, monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing solutions.

Besides, it also tests your skills regarding the optimization of solutions, and connection to and consumption of Azure services as well as third-party services. Candidates that have already passed the retired 70-532 exam (Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions) need to pass AZ-202 transition exam to get the required credential.

As you navigate the Azure certification platform, don’t forget to prepare adequately for your exam. Here are a few vital exam preparation tips to consider.

Exam Preparation Options

A top certification provider will always go out of the way to deliver the best to its candidates. Microsoft Corporation serves the best interest of its candidates by providing a wide range of training options for their study. If you are looking for a slow method of learning where everything flows at your own pace and from the comfort of your home, then the self-paced training platform got you covered. Here, you will find a variety of options such as interactive learning, in the browser, and micro-learning to mention just a few.

Similarly, instructor-led training is available for candidates who are inclined to more traditional classroom learning. The instructors at this platform are certified professionals with unparalleled knowledge of the Azure platform to help you make the best of the study materials.

In addition, you can also get the study guide for Azure-203 exam on MicrosoftPressStore website to ease your learning by breaking down the exam concepts into simpler parts and cover them all.

Finally, the official practice test for Exam AZ-203 is also available to help you prepare adequately for your exam. Practice questions offered by Microsoft help instill the much-needed confidence as you prepare to face the real test.

Examsnap as The Other Web Resource for Certification Exam Preparation

Aside from the Microsoft training resources, a variety of IT websites also exist to meet your demands regarding certification exam preparation. Examsnap is a reliable source among the optional ones for passing AZ-203 exam.

For instance, the premium ETE file, available for only $29.99 is a worthy resource for Exam AZ-203 preparation. Besides, you can also find free AZ-203 exam questions in ETE format and the exam dumps to help you pass your exam quickly and hassle-free.

Are Microsoft AZ-203 Exam Dumps Helpful?

An interesting topic in recent years has always been if the exam dumps are helpful when preparing for the Microsoft certification exams. Some candidates are for using them, others are against. However, using valid and updated dumps from reliable sources is never a bad idea.

After all, the goal is to pass your exam at the first attempt and it’s imperative to settle for the most suitable training option. Uploaded by real exam takers and checked by certified IT experts, you can never go wrong with the Microsoft AZ-203 exam dumps from Examsnap. Checking them out before scheduling your test is worth your time.

Bottom Line

With the rapidly changing nature of the digital landscape, pursuing certification programs that are aligned with the current IT needs makes absolute sense. This is where the role of the newly refined Microsoft Azure role-based certifications come into play. Hopefully, the highlighted benefits have done enough to convince you that it’s time to turn the goals offered by the Microsoft Azure Developer Associate credential into reality. The good thing is, you already have the necessary tips to pass your exam on the first try. If the certification journey gets tough, remember there’s a helper in the name of Examsnap. It will assist you in propelling your career to greater heights and achieve your goals.