PrepAway Discovers Benefits That Microsoft MCSE Certifications Can Bring



The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certification is one of the most respected credentials in the IT industry. The IT professionals who hold thiscertificate earn more than their uncertified colleagues. The MCSE credentialis a right choice for you if you are an IT specialist with a few years of hands-on experience in the sphere or if you have completed the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certification program. It is intended for people who want to advance their skills and gain more knowledge. This article will help you realize the advantages of MCSE, will give you some preparation tips,and will tell you about learning platforms such as PrepAway.


Types of MCSE certifications

The descriptions of the MCSE credentials are available on the Microsoft website. There are some certificates related to different fields, including:

·        Business Applications. This one will demonstrate your skills in working with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

·        Core Infrastructure. It will show your skills that are necessary for systems management, storage, networking, and running effective data center.

·        Data Management and Analytics. This one will prove your essential SQL administration skills.

·        Productivity. It will validate your skills in reducing data loss and improving data security.


You should choose an appropriate type of certification program, which depends on your experience and previous credentials.The certification exams have different topics, but you will have to go through serious trainings anyway. Thus, use Microsoft official materials and learn with PrepAway.


How to get MCSE certification?

Duration of the Microsoft exams depends on how difficult they are and how many questions they have. They usually last from 30 minutes to 4 hours. You will have enough time to answer the questions if you have prepared well for the test. The good thing about these exams is that if you fail at your first attempt, you will have a chance to retake within 24 hours. If you fail these retakes as well, you will have to wait at least two weeks before you can try again PrepAway Ms-200 Certifications.


It is much more difficult to get the MCSE certification than MCSA because MCSE requires several exams that are not easy. You will have to put a lot of time and efforts to prepare if you want to pass them all on your first try. Thus, if you want to get the MCSE credential try to save money for training materials and be prepared to study at least 3 hours a day for 4-5 months. When you gain sufficient knowledge and pass the exams, you will receive your Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert certification.


In general, Microsoft recommends that you have at least two years of experience in the related field before starting any of the MCSE certification program. Besides, you should get MCSA first. In this case, you need to have not less than six months of hands-on experience. If you fulfil the above criteria, then you should take next step: to complete trainings recommended by Microsoft. There are plenty of study resources at the Microsoft website, such as training videos, eBooks, instructor-led classes, and etc. Unfortunately, these study resources are usually expensive, and that is their huge disadvantage.Instructor-led classes last for five days. They have great positive reviews. Hence, if you cannot afford all of the trainings, try to attend at least these classes because instructors will help you understand how the exam looks like and how to respond certain types of questions.


You can also find plenty of practice tests online. You will have to pay for them, but these tests are usually cheaper than Microsoft ones.If you find at least five positive reviews of the test, then you should buy it. Try the PrepAway website because it is one of the most reliable sources of preparation materials. Practice is a very important part for the exams, and you should take it seriously.


However, that is not where the MCSE certification program ends. You will have to keep your skills up-to-date if you always want to have MCSE. Microsoft requires you to pass a recertification test once in every three years. Otherwise, your MCSE credential will expire.


Is it worth to earn MCSE certification?

According to the Microsoft website, the MCSE certificate is especially valuable for the following positions in the IT sector (an average salary in 2017 is shown according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics):

·         Information Security Analyst (an average salary is $95,500peryear)

·         Computer Systems Analyst (an average salary is $88.270peryear)

·        Database Administrator (an average salaryis $87,020peryear)

·        Network and Computer Systems Administrator (an average salary is $81,100peryear)

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, number of these jobs will probably be increased by approximately 25% in next 10 years.


As you can see, MCSE can help you get positions that are really well-paid. It is important to notice thatthese jobs have a great future. Thus, you do not have to worry about job stability. If you are not satisfied with the current company, you can change it easily. Having the MCSE certificate when applying for a job can significantly improve your chances of getting the post you want.



If you need to get a better salary or promotion, you will have to achieve an appropriate experience and education. You should put lots of efforts in order to enhance your competence. You need to use different resources for your study, including the Microsoft and PrepAway websites. By getting the MCSE certification, you will prove your education. When you earn this credential, you will certainly be able to negotiate pay with your manager.


Many hiring managers agree that the MCSE certificates provide job security, and we all know how much it is important in today’s world that is constantly dealing with economic crisis. The bottom line is that MCSE is one of best certifications you can get to help you improve your IT career. Do not wait any longer and register for the MCSE certification program today!