Grayson Allen, Trae Young got tangled up in a summer league game


After coming off a pindown, Young popped out to the top of the 3-point arc and caught a pass and was met by Allen.

Allen and fellow rookie Trae Young were involved in a minor wrestling match Thursday night during a game between Utah and Atlanta in the finale of the Jazz's summer league series in Salt Lake City.

Trent was able to play 19 minutes for the Blazers, the most of any bench player and clearly took advantage of his opportunity. Teammates quickly restrained them and the referees gave them both technical fouls.

Call it nerves or stiffer competition - I believe the basket height and rim circumference is still the same as it was in college and high school - but the brutal truth is that Young has been noticeably underwhelming in his first three games in National Basketball Association competition. It's going to happen.

The Jazz, which drafted Allen, played the Hawks and Young. The two guards remained engaged as Young tried to wrestle free, and the pair scuffled as Young's right arm lowered onto Allen's back.

Knox still has a way to go, but it's hard to imagine that his first taste of NBA Summer League action could have gone much better. Grayson is a physical player. Knox lead the way for NY, going for 22 points and eight rebounds, both team highs.