Trump says his awkwardly capitalized tweets are no mistake


The US president on Tuesday boasted about his ability to write "bestselling books" as he criticized the press on its constant checking of his Tweets in search of mistakes. "I capitalize certain words only for emphasis, not because they should be capitalized!"

In a tweet made Tuesday evening referencing his past contributions to the literary landscape, having written bestsellers such as Art of the Deal and Crippled America, President Trump misused "pour" when "pore" was called for.

The dictionary, which has always been a Trump critic, shot back within the hour, tweeting definitions of "pore over": "to read or study very carefully", and "pour over": "to make expensive coffee".

Although, he altered the original tweet, it's unlikely that Trump's writing style or his claims about being a best-selling author will change.

However, this was not the first time the Harry Potter author had mocked Trump.

J.K. Rowling Literally Laughs Off Donald Trump's Claim That He's A Great Writer!

"Love Hate", Rowling had tweeted alongside the photos.

He's prone to putting his foot in it, and Donald Trump has been left red-faced once again after a tweet boasting about his spelling prowess has spectacularly backfired.

The original tweet, which has now been amended (see below tweet).

The online dictionary also took an indirect jab at Trump's hairstyle by providing a definition to "comb over" in the tweet.

She also offered some writing advice.

Pundits, writers, and journalists shared jokes about the Trump tweet and some speculated that may not have even written the post, as some of his tweets are shared by his communications staff.

The author wasn't the only one who found the president's typo amusing.