Is This The Worst Basketball Brawl In The World?


World governing body FIBA said late Monday that it had began its disciplinary proceedings to shed light on what transpired in the event considered as one of the worst in recent basketball memory.

"As hosts, we regret having breached the bounds of traditional Filipino hospitality", the SBP said.

"There is no excuse for how we responded". For this I'd like to apologize to my fellow Filipinos, to the Australian team, to their supporters and to basketball fans everywhere. "How we acted las night is not a just representation of the Filipino people", Aguilar added.

The Boomers were up 79-48 with 4:01 left in the third period when the action was suddenly halted after a collision by Gilas' Roger Pogoy and Australia's Chris Goulding escalated into an ugly free-for-all.

Teammate Daniel Kickert's aggressive retaliation on Pogoy then sparked an all-in brawl that included punches, elbows, kicks and objects hurled at players.

Both benches emptied, with punches thrown from both camps.

Ejected from the game on the Gilas side were Talisay City-native Pogoy, naturalised player Andray Blatche, Terrence Romeo, Jayson Castro, Carl Bryan Cruz, Calvin Abueva, Troy Rosario, Japeth Aguilar, and Matthew Wright. Maker, who played last season for the Milwaukee Bucks in the National Basketball Association, retaliated with a flying kick but missed Romeo.

When the game resumed, Gilas only fielded three players - June Mar Fajardo, Gabe Norwood, and Baser Amer. Norwood and Fajardo soon fouled out, leaving Amer as the lone Philippine player on the court which forced the officials to call the game with Australia winning 89-53.

The Boomers are bruised, battered and shaken but have somehow escaped serious injury from chaotic scenes that saw a prone Chris Goulding attacked by about a dozen Filipino players and officials and Nathan Sobey hit with a chair thrown by a fan.

"I can't speculate on what the sanctions will be because we're actually in new territory in this regard", Moore said.

SBP president Al Panlilio addressed the crowd after the brawl subsided. We are hosting this game, and this is basketball. "We want to work with FIBA on the tribunal and get that outcome and we'll assess our outcomes from there. We will review the incident comprehensively and await the decision of FIBA with respect to disciplinary proceedings on the matter", the SBP added. We will continue the game.

"The decision (s) will be communicated in the coming days".

What started out as a rather boring mismatch on Monday night (July 2) between Australia and the Philippines, suddenly became heart-pounding reenactment of the climatic melee in "Enter the Dragon" featuring fists of fury, feet of legend, crouching coaches and hidden referees, and a house of flying chairs.

Basketball Australia Chief Executive Anthony Moore also sent his regrets during the morning presser, but rued some of the actions made by Gilas players and their supporters.